Founded in 2004, APICSA is the leading professional regulatory body for Image and Etiquette Consultants in South Africa and beyond.

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Our Purpose:

  1. APICSA offers support to aspiring and existing Image and Etiquette Consultants in South Africa and beyond
  2. APICSA is responsible for the oversight of sound business practices for registered Image Consultants in South Africa
  3. APICSA provides exposure of industry practices, innovation and education to its members
  4. Membership in APICSA provides strategic networking and critical business support services

Our Mission:

Our mission is to promote and enhance the holistic development, credibility and performance of professional image consultants as practitioners and contributors to the overall South African public and corporate community.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to broaden the complete professional landscape of image consultants and all related service providers to improve the overall effectiveness of the image industry and its utility to South African society as a whole.


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